Friday, October 29, 2010

Author interview - McArthur/Smith

This couple teaches at UH-Victoria and just came out with an interesting book dealing with women's rights in the Lone Star State. I interviewed Judith McArthur and Harold Smith who took a new take on the subject, getting down into little known players of the movement, far beyond Ma Ferguson and Ann Richards. Published by UT Press, it will be a good classroom book but it also looks like a good read for anyone interested in women's issues.

Author interview - Diana Lopez

Here's another interview with an American Book Review speaker, Diana Lopez, who is now on the faculty at UH-Victoria. She's also a family friend and boarded with us while she and husband Gene were in transition from San Antonio to Victoria. I say "boarded" because much of her time at our home was spent playing board games with our young sons. Diana is a talented writer and a solid addition to the diverse English staff at UHV. This Corpus Christi native is also about the nicest person you could ever hope to meet.

Author interview - Kim Herzinger

Kim Herzinger is about the coolest guy you could meet. He recently joined the staff here at University of Houston-Victoria and it was a pleasure to talk with him (though a bit intimidating, to be sure).

Kim owns Left Bank Books in Manhattan a store for rare first-editions, not a business you can establish just anywhere, so he obviously knows writing and knows publishing. He's also THE expert on Don Barthelme, the influential Houston writer, and has edited a couple of books of his work.

You can tell from his photo that Kim is a laid-back guy. Those of us in the words business look at him and think, "Man, what a cool existence."

Author interview - Amelia Gray

Here is an interview I did a few weeks ago with Amelia Gray, a young writer who is leading the "flash fiction" genre. While I am no expert on flash fiction, and it's a little hard to follow her train of thought at times, I enjoyed her talk at the ABR Reading Series. She was funny and related well to the students and she obviously works hard as she writes advertising copy during the day. That alone was good info for the students to have if they're planning to make a living writing. Pick up her book if you want some short, fun reads.

Author interview - Ann Weisgarber

Here's a link to an interview I did and wrote with Ann Weisgarber. She didn't take the normal university and Iowa Workshop route to writing, and it's nice to see her getting attention from a diverse group of fans. I'm only two chapters into her book, but it is shaping up to be a solid story.

She is extremely gracious for the awards and accolades she has received and I look forward to seeing her talk here in Victoria next week.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Favorite shots of my boys

I think the boys were about around 5 and 3 here. They were slightly excited to be at the Austin Trail of Lights. Added a little time exposure for effect.

October 2009 at the Rockdale Fair. Love their expressions. Following a long line of Cooke boy hellions.

Welcome, Spartans, one and all

Roughly a decade behind the times, I've finally created a blog. In my defense, however, my newspaper columns at my former gig were posted online.

This will be a place I share stories, photos, and things of general interest like writing, reading, and bangin' the drums (which a part of me wishes I was still doing regularly). 

Hope you enjoy. Drop me a line and let's stay in touch.

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