Monday, March 14, 2011

Author interview - Beverly Lowry

Creative non-fiction maestra,
Beverly Lowry
I grew to like Beverly Lowry a lot in the short time I talked with her. She came to town and read from her upcoming book which dives into the still unsolved yogurt shop murders in Austin. I have not read her fiction, but her "creative non-fiction," which is really just very strong journalism, is riveting. I read some of her book on pick axe killer Karla Faye Tucker, who was put to death for her crimes, and could not put the book down. Her book about the Austin murders promises to be equally gripping.

Lowry is compadres with English profs Thomas Williams, Dagoberto Gilb and Kim Herzinger. She bragged on a small-school program who commits to bring that type of talent here to teach. Lowry was also at the University of Houston during its creative writing heyday. We purchased her biography on Harriett Tubman, which won plenty of awards and critical praise. I like her because she practices good, digging journalism. This Austin resident is a Texas treasure.

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