Wednesday, April 27, 2011

One semester down

Well, as of today, I am six hours toward a master's degree in publishing. We finished our two classes with a lunch at Fossatti's Deli, and I admit I enjoy being back in school and learning about book design and getting my fonts study back. (In my day job, I use nothing but Times New Roman, so it is nice to lay out a book using Sabon and learn about Sumner Stone, who invented the Stone font.)

Once I get 18 hours, I will be eligible to teach courses as an adjunct and I think I am looking forward to that as well. Christine is finishing her second semester as a full-time English Comp instructor.

I am also exhausted as we came off of hosting guests at our home each night during the Centro Victoria Pachanga. Then I was up late finishing papers for the afore-mentioned classes. There have also been some changes at work that have created additional work. I should sleep well tonight. It's been a good semester.

Here's a link to the program page:

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